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Atelier GARDEUR is the specialist for high-quality trousers in Germany. With a wide range of top-class trousers and skirts the brand targets demanding, urban men and women in the prime of their lives. "GARDEURs" are our customers' favourite trousers because they meet their high expectations in terms of quality, perfect fit, innovation and contemporary, elegant style. "Atelier GARDEUR" trousers give them a great, self-confident feel also exuded in their positivity.

The home of GARDEUR trousers is the GARDEUR atelier. Being the only fully integrated trouser specialist in Germany we are able to cover all development stages of these trousers thereby ensuring their excellent quality: At our German company headquarters two in-house creative teams design the pants with a great sense of style and our own style and pattern makers translate them into true-to-size patterns . Experienced buyers purchase selected findings such as buttons, rivets and appliqués from suppliers throughout the world. Seamstresses in our own sample-making department lovingly handcraft the first prototypes. We run our own sewing shops, our own laundry and quality assurance because making trousers requires high-precision craftsmanship. All our operations are certified and coordinated by GARDEUR technicians in the company's own laboratories – we don't leave anything to chance.

In brief: it is the special creativity and the high degree of skilled trade that has made us the trouser specialists we are. For over 90 years now. Our products offer wearers special benefits thanks to our loving attention to detail and ingenious functions. These include Atelier GARDEUR's special comfort waistband or the use of functional fabrics that are thermo-regulating, sustainably produced or figure-shaping, for instance. Thanks to our expertise in cut and choice of fabric plus our personal and individual assistance by trained. Extra-short and extra-long fits are as much a part of our standard range here as are special styles.